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Born and raised in Tacoma, WA, Yamuel Bradley has faced many tragedies throughout his life that has influenced the purpose behind the literary pieces he writes today. Raised by his grandmother, Yamuel had little interaction with his biological mother and father only seeing them briefly for months at a time when they dropped off clothes and supplies for him. Though raised in a loving home with his grandmother, Yamuel still longed for a close and loving relationship with his parents. Unfortunately, he would never be able to experience this connection, when at the tender age of twelve, his mother was murdered by her boyfriend in a domestic violence dispute. Losing his mother left a hole in Yamuel’s heart so big that he became troubled and began to make poor decisions into his teen years that would greatly impact his life. With no positive male figure to guide him on the principles of being a responsible man, Yamuel began to idolize the wrong male figures and found himself caught up in the dangerous world of sex, drugs, and crime. By the time he was eighteen years old, he had been to juvenile facilities multiple times and after turning 18, was in and out of prison up until the age of 40. During this time, he followed in the footsteps of his dad and fathered seven kids without maintaining a close relationship with them.


Yamuel had hit rock bottom in his life and while serving what would be his last stint in prison, he began to realize how much his actions had negatively impacted not only him, but others as well, including his grandmother and children. With this new revelation, Yamuel began to pray and meditate seeking God for guidance. He made it a point to ask God for forgiveness regarding all of his past actions and for God to help change his heart and mind in order for him to be a better man.
With direction from God, Yamuel began to take action and while in prison, he began preparing himself for a more promising life on the outside. He took every opportunity to receive training in vocational trades such as AutoCad Computer Design, Welding Technology, and Building Maintenance. He even went as far as to complete an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. When not participating in vocational studies, Yamuel spent his time releasing the thoughts and emotions he harbored from his past experiences through writing about them. Upon his journey to turn his life around, Yamuel made an effort to reconnect with his children realizing how his absence from their life could ultimately result in them having a troubled life as he had growing up without the love and instruction from his own father. Making a stand to break the cycle, Yamuel reached out to his children, and through their reconnection, he grew a love for them that brought him great joy and motivation that would be the inspiration behind his literary works. After serving his time, Yamuel had an entirely new outlook on life, he learned not only the power of a sound mind and pure heart, but he also learned the power of forgiveness. A brand-new man, Yamuel made the decision to forgive his father from being absent in his life and reached out to him, ultimately building a relationship with his father that he had longed for since childhood. However, with a fresh start and new relationships to build upon came unfortunate loss. In 2006, he lost the one woman that had raised him and had supported him all his life, his grandmother. Following his grandmother’s death, his oldest daughter Julia passed away unexpectedly. He had prepared for everything upon his release but death was not one of them. The two losses crushed Yamuel’s soul and caused him to feel extreme guilt and pain for not making better decisions while his grandmother was living and for not being a present father for many years of his daughter Julia’s life. Unprepared for the loss of a child, Yamuel had difficulty coping with his daughter’s death the most and felt himself drowning in immense grief to the extent he could barely function from day to day. Nevertheless, the relationships he built with his remaining children Brittany, Alecia, Kyhla, Cheayla, Yamuel Jr, Isaiha and Marcel, helped him slowly break free from the overbearing pain he felt over losing Julia. With his kids by his side providing love and support, Yamuel didn’t allow his loss to alter the positive changes he had worked so hard to obtain in life. Instead, he took his guilt and pain from the tragic events and expressed them through his writings while continuing to move forward in life. Having created a memoir over time of his emotions and experiences, Yamuel was inspired to write his first book, A Lover’s Guide to Happiness which demonstrates the love he desires for his readers to experience as a result of the love he feels for his children, family, grandmother, and mother. He later released his second book, A Lover’s Guide to Happiness Increased to instruct his readers on the importance of understanding what true love is and how to find the right life partner as a result of the painful experience of losing his mother at the hands of the man she thought she knew and loved.

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Yamuel's books and their impact on readers

Yamuel’s books have become inspirational reshaping the lives of his readers. He has since gone on to write two more books. One of his books, Love Letters in Text, which he dedicated to his youngest daughter Cheayla, is a guide to expressing love through text messages simultaneous with responding to bullying texts from loved ones. Get Your Head Out Your Ass, a ten volume book series, was written to help people of all ages being bullied in relationships recognize their worth and deflect the lies that the bully tries to make them believe about themselves. Since the release of his works, he has held book signings in multiple cities including his hometown of Tacoma, Atlanta, GA, and other cities. Having overcome many trials and tribulations himself, Yamuel now strives to be a positive influence to others, living on the principles of love, respect, positive inspiration, and positive actions to educate his children and others on how they too, can overcome any obstacle that comes in life. Now living on purpose, Yamuel mentors to young men in Juvenile facilities and male prison inmates sharing his testimony to educate and encourage them on how to prepare themselves for a better life upon their release. He emphasizes with the men on how to be a positive role model to their children through making better decisions, and providing loving, positive direction to their children. In addition to his mentorship, Yamuel donates regularly to youth sports and education programs within his community. He counsels young men, women, and couples on the aspects of true love and how to not confuse true love with the warm feelings that being in a relationship brings them.
Today, Yamuel is a man of God, author, and career man in the midst of releasing his fifth and sixth book “In Love with Feeling Not with Man” and “A Child’s Intelligence.” He attributes his most important and enjoyable titles to being a doting father to all seven of his children including his youngest son Marcel, who he is now raising as a single father. With his first name meaning “Strength,” and his middle name meaning “Love,” Yamuel Yamuel Bradley is certainly living out the purpose of his name by overcoming the troubles and tragedies of his past to educate others how to love better and live better.

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